What is Q-Check?

In combination with the “double check protocol”, Q-Check is a tool used to check anaesthetic drugs before they are administered to the patient. It is a useful and organised syringe tray which can also be used for placing ampoules. The syringe tray is made from a special type of plastic which can be cleaned in washing machines, making the Q-Check very sustainable. The weight of the syringe tray also provides the necessary 'body'.

Q-Check: simple, useful and organised

The syringes are placed horizontally in the special slots with the ampules behind them. The syringe tray has room for the necessary anaesthetic drug in an operating theatre and is logically arranged.

The Q-Check involves two simple checks whereby a double check can be performed when preparing intravenous drugs. For a description of these two steps, we refer you to the page "sample protocol". This is an existing protocol which is used in combination with the Q-Check in a Dutch periphery hospital and which also complies with the MediRisk safety guards 2008.

    Q-Check - Syringe tray 

The Q-Check syringe tray is available in various models. If you are looking for a specific model or if we do not yet have the appropriate Q-Check for you in our assortment, we can provide a customised service.

Interested in the Q-Check? Please take a look at 'order the Q-Check'.

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