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IGZ and medication safety
Using indicators, supervision focused on medication safety and inspections at pharmacies and manufacturers where medicines are made, the IGZ monitors the safety of medicines and its proper application. The inspection is an impartial institution and independent of politics or the current health care system.

IGZ: We realize that improper use of medications can cause patients great harm.

The standards for medication safety used by the inspection, are being developed by the field or by the inspection and the field together. In the set of indicators for hospitals and community pharmacies indicators for medication safety have been recorded.

For information on the IGZ and drugs safety, please take a look on the website of the IGZ.

Promotion of patient safety in the surgical process is one of the five permanent focus areas of the IGZ. In the long-term plan of the IGZ 2012-2015 you can read more about the spearhead "increase medication safety."

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